All-New Renault CLIO E-TECH Hybrid
from €24,995

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CLIO... is now a hybrid

With its new E-TECH hybrid engine, All-New CLIO E-TECH hybrid delivers unprecedented driving pleasure and optimal fuel efficiency.

All-New Renault CLIO  E-TECH Hybrid


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Electric driving in the city Experience electric driving like never before. CLIO E-TECH hybrid combines electric and combustion engines with a particularly efficient automatic Multi-mode gearbox. The result: consistently starts in electric drive, optimises the electric driving in the city, and boasts a silent electric experience.
Adapted to the city and week-end getaways By choosing a hybrid, you consume up to 40% less fuel compared to conventional petrol engines when driving on the motorway or in the city. Travel with peace of mind in your CLIO E-TECH: great driving range, no need to plug it in... and with the comfort and interior space you expect from CLIO!
New driving sensations CLIO E-TECH hybrid brings you a secure and powerful throttle, thanks to its combined 140 horsepower. The instant responsiveness of its electric engines, along with its multi-mode automatic gearbox, offers you quick acceleration and smooth gear changes. Enjoy the various MULTI-SENSE modes for a personalised driving experience, depending on the version.
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