All-New Captur
from €22,595

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Renault Captur

Ideal for the whole family, the smart, sophisticated and spacious Renault Captur is a muscular SUV with a forward-thinking, competent attitude. With eye-catching style elements, advanced powertrains and exciting technology, the Captur is sure to fit into your world with ease and make life on-the-go a breeze

Discover the Renault Captur

Available in four exciting trim levels – Play, Iconic, S Edition and Bose Launch Edition – the Renault Captur offers something for everyone. With dynamic styling, beautiful streamlining and a dominant on-road presence, the Captur holds its own in any environment.

Standout good looks The Renault Captur isn’t afraid to get noticed with its two-tone colour options and LED front and rear headlights. Tinted rear windows come as standard with optional roof bars available up the range should you wish to carry bikes or other adventure equipment.
Renault Captur Interior
Spacious interior Hop inside the family-friendly Renault Captur and discover a spacious, well-organised interior with plenty of legroom and automatic climate control for optimum comfort. Head up the range for leather detailing and a black soft-touch dashboard with black gloss air vent surrounds.
Renault Captur Safety Lcd Display
Technology and safety For a safe driving experience, All-New CAPTUR is equipped with the highest level of technology that opens the way to autonoaulmous driving.