New ARKANA E-Tech Hybrid
from €33,590

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Arkana is the first-ever Renault model to be born hybrid. It has been designed from the ground up as a hybrid model with a development focused on effiency and driving pleasure. Inspired by Formula 1®, our E-Tech hybrid technology also benefits from our 10-year experience in building electric cars to offer one of the most advanced hybrid technology available. The result is an increased driving pleasure combined with reduced fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions. explore the gallery

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Arkana Color Scheme
Arkana sportiness embodied R.S Line

E-TECH hybrid powertrain, versatility and efficiency

The efficient E-TECH hybrid system combines two electric motors with a petrol engine. The electric motors work together with the petrol engine when you pull away, come to a standstill or when you need extra power in acceleration phases. The electric power is supplied by a small traction battery which recharges through regenerative braking and is located under the back seats. The result: the support of electric power reduces fuel consumption from the petrol engine and enhances your driving experience with improved responsiveness and silence when driving in full electric mode.

Iconic starting RRP €28,990 * ALL-NEW ARKANA Iconic TCe 140 Auto Mild Hybrid
ARKANA S-Edition
S-Edition starting RRP €31,090 * ALL-NEW ARKANA S Edition TCe 140 Auto Mild Hybrid
RS Line starting RRP €33,690 * ALL-NEW ARKANA R.S. Line TCe 140 Auto Mild Hybrid
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