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Enjoy zero emissions driving with the 100% electric Zoe from Renault. Designed to lower your carbon footprint, reduce running costs and make electric-only driving fun, the Zoe is fully embracing the shift to economic travel and is a dynamic powerhouse out on the road. With a driving range of up to 245 miles, rapid charging and top speeds of 135 mph, you can ensure this electric model ticks all boxes with regards to performance.

ZOE Blue Renault Electric Car


It pays to choose Ireland's most affordable electric car



Did you know you can step into the future right now at Hogan Motors Ennis ? The new Renault ZOE is an all-electric car capable of achieving over 190km in range dependant on how you drive and the time of year. The ZOE combines a multitude of new technologies to achieve these figures, including an innovative regenerative braking system which decelerates the car when you take your foot off the accelerator to recharge the electric system. There is also a superb Eco mode driving system which moderates the ZOE's heating and performance for better driving ranges.


The Renault ZOE is undoubtedly one of the most stylish looking cars on Irish roads, with its slimline headlights, LED daytime running lights, hidden rear door handles, swooping headline, unique fascia and blue detailing which suggests its electric nature.

Renault Zoe Charging Tehnology

Renault Z.E.

Always a step ahead

Renault has been pushing the boundaries of innovation from revealing the Z.E concept car in 2008, and since then has been a leader in electric vehicle manufacture in Europe. It has been a priority to fulfil our commitment and continue to develop our technology so that our vehicles stay at the forefront of the electric vehicle market. In 2016, we launched ZOE with the Z.E. 40 battery, with almost twice the capacity of the previous version and 2018 saw the introduction of the R110 motor, bringing ZOE more power than ever before. Finally, 2020 brought with it New ZOE, with a 395 Kilometer(1) driving range, along with new faster and more versatile charging options.

More desirable than ever

New ZOE shows off its character with expressive design, smooth lines, new C-shaped 100% LED lighting, fog lamps and a new distinctive grille. The new wider rear lights give a bold stance with an LED light beam that highlights the contours of the bodywork. Under the bonnet, you can opt for the new, more powerful, R135 motor, providing increased performance and driving pleasure, meanwhile, new B Mode increases regenerative braking and allows for a one-pedal driving experience.

Renault Led light
Renault Led stop light
Renault Zoe Exterior Black
Renault Zoe Exterior Rear

“(Range) –“isn’t far off twice as much as the Honda e, and significantly more than the Corsa or 208 ”


“Zoe performed like a hot hatch but with a much smoother power delivery. The car’s pulling power from stationary or at any legal speed is truly impressive. “ “The new Zoe is a dramatic improvement and the R135 delivers the kind of driving range and performance to make it an everyday usable car. ”

Michael Sheridan - The Irish Times


Every effort has been made to ensure that the information, descriptions, and images were correct at the time of publication however images may not always reflect the exact version selected. It should be noted that limitations on screen do not permit the subtle paintwork shades on this page to be shown with absolute accuracy.

Renault Zoe  Glacier White
Glacier White
Renault Zoe  Quartz White
Quartz White
Renault Zoe  Zircon Blue
Zircon Blue
Renault Zoe  Celadon Blue
Celadon Blue
Renault Zoe Aconite
Renault Zoe Titanium Grey
Titanium Grey
Renault Zoe Highland Grey
Highland Grey
Renault Zoe Flame Red
Flame Red
Renault Zoe Pearl Black
Pearl Black


A car designed for you

Renault Zoe Interior Easyelectriclife
Renault Zoe Dashboard Truly Connected

Truly connected

Listen to your favourite playlists, browse your applications and make calls easily, thanks to the new EASY LINK multimedia system, with a choice of 7" or 9.3” touch screens, both with Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay™ as standard(1). Directly connected to TomTom services, models with on-board navigation offer you a wealth of information in real time: traffic delays, weather, location of your nearest charging stations, and more. Unsure of your destination address? All you need are two or three keywords to find it using Google address search. Simple, fast and smooth, New ZOE ensures you are truly connected at all points of your journey.

(1) Check your phone's capability at point of purchase with your dealer.

Renault Z.E.

Ultra-connected to its surrounding world, New ZOE is first and foremost connected to you. As soon as you approach New ZOE, your handsfree card unlocks the doors to a car that combines technology with simplicity. The interior offers enhanced comfort with seat upholstery made from 100 % recycled fabric(1), with special attention given to sound insulation to provide an even more relaxing drive.

Renault Zoe Wireless Phone Charger
Renault Zoe Dashboard Truly Connected
Renault Zoe Interior Easy Lcd Display
Renault Zoe Interior Phone Connecting

The dashboard is enhanced with its new 10" wide driver’s screen, providing all the information you need when on the road, whilst the new steering wheel gives you control at your finger tips. Charge your smartphone whilst you drive, with the new wireless(2) charger located under the gear selector and enjoy the brand new EASY LINK system, with a choice of 7"-9.3" screens and more connectivity than ever before.


Driving made simple

Renault Zoe simple to charge

Just like the other models in the Renault Z.E. range, New ZOE is fitted with a lithium-ion battery, offering great performance. It is very simple to charge, even when it is fully discharged and it can also be recycled at the end of its life. Thanks to The Chameleon Charger™ that is unique to Renault, New ZOE is compatible with various power sockets and sources, providing you with a range of charging options. The result? Minimised charging times and maximised flexibility. There are three easy ways to charge:

New ZOE detects any vehicle in or approaching your blind spot and advises you of its presence via a warning light on your door mirrors. Lane Keep Assist corrects your trajectory in the event you unexpectedly depart from your lane. New ZOE makes your life easier with an ever more technologically advanced driving experience.

Renault Zoe life easier
Renault Zoe Lane Keep Assist
Renault Zoe blind spot

Battery and charging

Renault Zoe  Easy Charging
Renault Zoe  Easy Charging

Just like the other models in the Renault Z.E. range, New ZOE is fitted with a lithium-ion battery, offering great performance. It is very simple to charge, even when it is fully discharged and it can also be recycled at the end of its life. Thanks to The Chameleon Charger™ that is unique to Renault, New ZOE is compatible with various power sockets and sources, providing you with a range of charging options. The result? Minimised charging times and maximised flexibility. There are three easy ways to charge:

1. At Home. Charge at home from a 7kW charger that can fully charge New ZOE overnight in 9-10 hours. With the new Z.E. 50 battery, New ZOE can go even further so the majority of your charging will probably take place, hassle free, at home!

2. Destination. There are already over 1200 public charging locations nationwide. Most of these charging stations provide a 22kW charge and could charge your New ZOE from 0-100% in as little as 3 hours(2).

​. Rapid. These charge points are placed at key locations such as motorway services and have a 50kW capacity. They are ideal for long journeys and will charge your New ZOE with Z.E. 50 battery from 0-80% in 1h 10, or if you are only making a brief stop, just 30 minutes charging will get you an extra 145 kilometers of range(3).

Not sure where to find chargepoints around you? Use your EASY LINK navigation system or MY Renault App(1) to find local charge points or find charge points along your route. (1) MY Renault is compatible with Apple iOS® and Android® devices and is available in the App store and Google Play® store. (2) Based on 22kW charging point. (3) Versions with 50KW CCS fast charging capability

Renault Zoe  Easy Charging
Renault Zoe  Easy Charging


Renault Zoe  Boot Cable Storage

​1. Boot Cable Storage Fully integrated in to the boot of your New ZOE, the Boot Cable Storage accessory offers several compartments to reduce clutter and create additional storage. Giving sufficient space to store up to 2 charging cables, the removable floor is hinged and includes a handle for easy access with a compartment also added to protect the optional BOSE ® subwoofer.

​2. Shark Antenna Add a sporty touch with the Shark Antenna, perfectly integrated in to the roof of your New ZOE. Compatible with digital audio broadcasts (DAB).

3. Domestic Charging Cable For use in the absence of a Wall-Box or Public Charging Point, New ZOE can be charged using the domestic charging cable from a 3 pin dom

Renault Zoe  Shark Antenna
Renault Zoe  Domestic Charging Cable
Renault Zoe  Illuminated 'RENAULT' Door Sills
Renault ZoeBodywork Protection Film

4. Illuminated 'RENAULT' Door Sills* An elegant and modern touch every time you open the door of your New ZOE. Finished with the RENAULT logo, these stainless steel and aluminium finished door sills also protect your vehicle's door sills from damage. *Also available in a non-illuminated version

5. Bodywork Protection Film Take complete care of your New ZOE. Protects against scratches to keep your car looking as good as new. Available in a Full Car Protection Pack or in smaller packs to cover separate sections of the vehicle.

* Also available in a non-illuminated version. Accessories are fitted.


Driving made simple

Renault ZoeDriving made simple

Greater performance and more fun If you love driving, then driving New ZOE will be an absolute joy. With the option of the new R135 electric motor (134 hp), New ZOE offers you a fantastic driving experience. With instant acceleration and more power, it makes motorway driving a breeze. Using the one-touch control on the new E-shifter gear selector, switch to B mode and try out a one-pedal driving experience and feed energy back to your battery at the same time!

Renault Zoe Engine
Renault Zoe Gearbox
Striking good looks As a five-door electric supermini, the Renault Zoe is a practical city model that knows how to hold an audience. With attractive metallic paint options, sizeable 16-inch Iconic alloys, full LED lighting, a chrome finished grille and more, the Zoe always leaves a lasting impression.
Comfortable interior Hop inside the cabin and discover a relaxing, quiet environment that’s remarkably spacious for a supermini and well organised. Quality fabrics, adjustable seats and comfort features such as air conditioning all work together to ensure you can sit back and relax in style.
Technology and safety As you’d expect from such a modern model, the Renault Zoe comes with an EASY LINK touchscreen entertainment system, which makes smartphone compatibility a breeze. Access your entire multimedia world as you go and always stay connected. The Renault Zoe supermini also comes with many safety features as standard including Electronic Stability Control.