. Service and Parts We understand that an effective Aftersales service is equally as important as providing an extensive choice of market-leading vehicles. At Hogan Motors Ennis, we are dedicated to looking after your vehicle for the duration of its lifespan, ensuring that it will operate at its full potential during every journey
Technologies change. Our standards remain.
The world of automobile is changing fast. Driven by our thirst for knowledge and the power to innovate, Renault is shaping the future of performance-oriented mobility. Our guiding principle is simple: To redefine the limits of what is possible, in everything we do.

Service & Parts



Being convenient, efficient, high-quality and reliable are the constant objective of our teams. Always concerned with your satisfactions, the Renault network is committed! We act for your peace of mind and are committed to your complete satisfaction.

A Hogan Motors motorist knows that they are behind the wheel of one of the finest cars around, and one that deserves just the right amount of care and attention. At Hogan Motors Ennis, we provide a wide range of superb aftersales services that cover every aspect of a vehicle.

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